Northumberland Village Halls

About us

The not-for-profit portal has been organised by the charity Community Action Northumberland with great support from the West Northumberland Community Buildings Consortium and North Northumberland Village Halls Consortium. Each hall is responsible for its own listing. 


The aim is to give the public a website where they can:

  • find information about Village Halls in Northumberland, 
  • ensure halls have a clear online presence so that they can be found online, 
  • can easily see when halls are available and can make booking enquiries directly with their chosen hall.

Our thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund and to the Sir James Knott Trust for funding this project.

Is your village hall not listed?

Halls need to opt-in to be on the site, so if you spot your local hall not listed, either get in touch with your village hall or drop us an email, details below.

Feedback welcome
We hope you find the site useful and easy to use. Please give us any feedback/suggestions. Our contact details are at the foot of this page.