Northumberland Village Halls


Lady Waterford Hall intro image

Lady Waterford Hall

A truly unique venue located in the Victorian model village of Ford. The Lady Waterford Hall was originally commissioned as a school for local children in 1860 by Louisa Anne, Marchioness of Waterford. Louisa then spent 21 years painting the Pre-Raphaelite watercolour murals that still adorn the walls today – the perfect backdrop to any event.

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Matfen Village Hall intro image

Matfen Village Hall

Matfen is a small village about fifteen miles north-west of Newcastle. The hall is right in the centre of the village.
It was once part of the village school and shares the building with Matfen Store, a thriving enterprise which combines a village shop with a popular café. The village hall is built in stone and retains many of its original features making it an attractive and welcoming venue.

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